OVIA Makes Recruiting Easier with Video

WHAT: Tool for corporate HR departments to conduct asynchronous video interviews. Candidates see a canned video of an HR person asking a question and then have a set amount of time before their answer is recorded. The process repeats until the candidate has answered all questions. Ovia [ @teamovia ] then sends video responses to a secure account where the hiring manager can review at her convenience. Platform includes evaluation tools.

LAUNCHERS: Rodrigo Martinez , CEO and founder, [ @mvrod , LinkedIn ], Jaime Romero, CTO and founder [ LinkedIn ], Jaime Ignacio Rovirosa, director of business development, [ LinkedIn ], Imo Udom, business development [ LinkedIn ].

WHY: Companies waste too much time and money on unqualified candidates. Having all first-round candidates answer the same question asked in the same way makes the process more consistent. 

BUSINESS MODEL: Tiered monthly subscription.  

CUSTOMERS: University of Southern California, Hard Rock International, Turner Broadcasting, AT&T Interactive, Phillip Morris International

COMPETITION: HireVue, Skype, GoToMeeting

REVENUE: $90K in booked revenue.