Original Facebook iPad App Developer Gives Thumbs Up to App Launch

The highly anticipated Facebook iPad app that many speculated would debut at Facebook's f8 conference, and then at Apple's "Let's Talk iPhone" event, has finally launched.

Features include a slide-out navigation menu, multi-conversation chat and full-screen photo browsing. Facebook's mobile service now offers social channels like bookmarks, requests and news feeds, which were previously only available on websites.

The delay in launching the Facebook iPad app drove Jeff Verkoeyen, a Facebook engineer, to quit his position for Google. Verkoeyen reportedly said that the app, which he led in development, had been ready since May, according to ZDNet.

"I'm really happy and excited for the team at Facebook to have shipped the app :)," Jeff tells LAUNCH via email. "Many incredibly talented people were involved and I'm happy to have had the opportunity to work with them."

Users can download the app from Apple here


When you first download the app, Facebook offers an optional tour. Step one shows users how to navigate the app without losing their place in the news feed.

Step two shows you how to access games, groups and lists in the left-hand menu options.

Step three shows you how to use the search toolbar.