Ordr.in Gives Restaurants One Platform to Bring Orders from Any Website, App or Device

WHAT: Ordr.in is an API for online food ordering. Participating restaurants receive orders from any website, app or device connected to Ordr.in's national network. Developers can embed the Ordr.in API on their website or app and get a cut of orders they generate.

LAUNCHERS: David Bloom, CEO, and Felix Sheng, CTO.

WHY: Many restaurants don't yet take orders online, and those that do are probably not available on relevant apps or devices. Online restaurant orders is a $170B market opportunity in the U.S. alone.

WHEN/WHERE: 2011 / New York.

BACKSTORY: "I ran the restaurant business development team at American Express for five years." David tells LAUNCH via email. "I wanted to promote online ordering to all Amex cardmembers, but the restaurant industry was entirely fragmented and local. I needed to operate nationally."

BUSINESS MODEL: Restaurants pay a commission for each order [ not disclosing the percentage or the share Ordr.in gives to websites and apps in its network ]. David notes, "We have plenty of other monetizable assets as well -- data especially."

COMPETITION: Services like Grubhub for online ordering and Skipola for mobile apps [ see the Skipola profile ].

"While we have no direct competition, there are alternatives," David says. "Most people don't know a platform like ours exists, so we need to promote awareness, and there are other online food ordering systems."

CUSTOMERS/GROWTH: More than 7K restaurants in the network. Also, having just completed a successful beta test, Wyndham Hotels will roll out an Ordr.in food-ordering widget to all its properties that do not offer room service.

WHO BACKED IT: TechStars and undisclosed investors in the seed round.

RAISING: Series A. Amount not disclosed.


David Bloom
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LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/pub/david-bloom/0/299/140

Felix Sheng
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Twitter: @felix
LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/profile/view?id=4031850

Website: http://ordr.in/
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