OpenBrand Saves Time and Money on Brand Management

OpenBrand is a platform for companies to manage their branded products’ identity in a single location and a place where designers and members of their team can find details about approved colors and fonts, previously created items and even specs to reorder popular items.

For designers working with a brand used to be a difficult process where they relied on emailing PDFs and other FTPs to share their work with the clients.

Some larger companies had systems for handling this type of information in the past, but those systems were expensive and out of reach for most startups, Mirek Burkon, CEO at OpenBrand, writes on the company's blog.

Mirek had only a technical background, but after teaming up with Czech designer Lumir Kajnar, he learned of these pain points in the branding process and created OpenBrand to solve these issues to increase the speed and accuracy of branding.

"There are significant changes on the market redefining relationships between companies and their suppliers plus the recession calls for more efficiency in the creative industry," Mirek tells LAUNCH via email. "The system actually helps people and the company to collect and describe the data, so it can be then reused, sent directly to production, etc."

The OpenBrand platform offers subscriptions plans starting at $9 per month to manage up to 20 items and range all the way up to $899 for unlimited usage of the product.

OpenBrand is divided into three sections: Brand profile, Identity and World of Brand.

The brand profile stores information like a company's mission statement and other information that can be useful for new employees.

The Identity Standards section contains useful information for designers on the company's name, logos, acceptable colors and fonts as well as a bank of frequently used graphics.

The World of Brand area contains details about products created for the brand so that if a company decides they need to reorder some t-shirts or other merchandise they can easily locate all of the items specifications.

The platform also provides user prompts and checkpoints to keep track of the varying levels of completeness in the information about branded items. Mirek says this process helps ensure that the information that makes OpenBrand valuable is input by the employees.

The Czech company based in Prague company quietly launched in September.


Twitter: @OpenBrandHQ  

Mirek Burkon, co-founder and CEO
Twitter: @m4cph15t0  

Lumir Kajnar, co-founder
Twitter: @LumirKajnar