OnTheFly Releases Android Update for Smarter Planning

OnTheFly, a mobile airfare shopping app created by Google's Innovative Travel Technology Software, released an update for Android today.

The Android update (v 1.2) lets users browse 35 days of potential departure dates on a calendar with an interactive price graph below. The update also lets users save and access search history, and OnTheFly will check price changes for those saved itineraries.

"Designed to demonstrate the comprehensive search abilities offered with our QPX™ airfare shopping engine, OnTheFly makes it fast and fun for you to compare options across airlines, dates, and alternate cities/airports," Product Manager Stefan Frank writes on the ITA blog.  

ITA Software, an airline IT and services provider, was founded in 1996 in Cambridge, MA. Google acquired ITA in 2010 for $700M.

You can download the app for Android, iOS or Blackberry. However, the update has only rolled out to Android users.