On our employment of Drew Spitzer

We have to inform our clients of a possible breach of their contact information today. LAUNCH employed a junior sales executive named Drew Spitzer from July 14th 2014 until November 18th 2014.

During this time we became aware that Mr. Spitzer had taken our sales database and used it to sell for another company. That company, Outreach.io, was also a client of ours. We became aware of the fact that our employee had started working for one of our clients, and used our client database to sell for them, because our clients forwarded his sales emails to us. They were rightfully confused, obviously, that a sales executive for LAUNCH was selling another product from a second company to them. 

Based on the information we have, those emails were sent from Mr. Spitzer’s work computer while he was being paid by us. This was not moonlighting, this was using our resources, time, and intellectual property to sell for another client while simultaneously working for us.

We fired Mr. Spitzer for cause and on November 18th 2014, but on January 1st 2015, he attempted to breach our network again. He was unsuccessful in doing so.

The company which Mr. Spitzer took our contact database to work with has discontinued their relationship with him. They have assured us that they do not have a copy of our database.

We are considering various remedies against Mr. Spitzer at this time, and we do not currently know if he is using our contact information for other purposes. We take stealing of intellectual property seriously, and we will be working to ensure that none of your contact information is further compromised.