Number of Google+ Followers Explode after Public Launch and Circle-Sharing Feature

Google+ is slowing adding more growth-boosting features, and it seems the social network can jump-start usage at any time by simply promoting the service on the Google homepage or adding a feature.

Tom Anderson, founder of MySpace, noted on the Sept. 20 public launch he saw an influx of users adding him to their circles. While he gained 7.8K new followers the week before the public launch, he has added more than 89K in the six days since.

"I can see by my "circle count" that there are a lot of new people signing up today. In the early days of G+ (just 90 days ago) there was a culture of sharing tips, tricks, guides, etc," Anderson wrote.

In the spirit of that Google+ culture, to help his new followers Anderson prepared several posts with tips for new Google+ users [ available here and here ].

Internet personality Justine Ezarik, better known as iJustine, has gained more than 13.5K followers since the public launch -- of that more than 3.2K since the shared circles feature was revealed. Ezarik previously averaged between 200 and 700 new followers a day.

Yesterday, Google unveiled the ability to share circles which has resulted in mass followership [ see how to share circles ].

"The new circle sharing feature seems to have resulted in a huge number of new folks adding me to their stream," Reto Meier, Google's tech lead for the Android developer team, wrote on Google+. "So much so that my Google+ follower count managed to overtake Twitter and cross the line to 10,000 first!"

Meier had been averaging less than 30 adds a day, but since yesterday's circle-sharing launch he has added more than 539.

A Google spokesperson told LAUNCH via email that the Google+ roll out was intended to be slow so the company could collect user feedback and work on product improvements and product scalability.

Google declined to comment about any future Google+ feature releases.

Tech blogger/pundit Robert Scoble began sharing his circles with his more than 141K followers on Google+ yesterday shortly after it became possible to use the feature.

"Seriously, I'm glad you all are getting to follow some interesting people and you can see what I've seen for three months: that there's a LOT of flow here of a LOT of different things, not just geekery," Scoble wrote.

Scoble has added 11.5K more followers since the public launch. Prior to the public opening, Scoble was averaging between 200 and 500 new followers each day.

On Sept. 20, Google+ ended its "field test" phase and opened for public registration and unleashed a series of new Hangout features including the ability to share your screen, play with a sketchpad and share Google docs [ see our story ].

The public launch has also meant that some Google+ members began seeing an increase in spam [ see our story ].


Tom Anderson
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Justine Ezarik
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Reto Meier
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