Not Impressive: Twitter Finally Hits 100M Monthly Active Users -- Still Way Behind Facebook

[ Photo by Jennifer Lee via creative commons license. ]

Twitter now has 100M monthly active users -- 50M+ users daily --  worldwide, according to a Twitter blog post

Facebook, on the other hand, reached 100M monthly active users back in December 2009. Currently, Facebook has roughly 375M+ active users daily -- more than half of the users Twitter has monthly, according to Facebook statistics.

Considering that Facebook is the fastest growing site ever, nothing is successful compared to Facebook. Still, Twitter is the 15th most visited website worldwide, according to Google statistics. 

Facebook -- launched in 2004 -- has 750M+ users on the platform, while Twitter -- launched in 2006 -- has 200M+ users.

While the majority of Twitter's active users both tweet and read the timeline for newsworthy updates, 40% of them simply use the service to find out what's going on in the world. 

Twitter's active users include early adopters, government leaders, humanitarians, athletes, entertainers, reporters and of course, everyday people.

Across the globe, 35 heads of state use Twitter as a primary way to communicate with their constituencies, with 84% of U.S. state governors and more than 40% of religious leaders on Twitter, including @DalaiLama and the Pope. 

"Twitter's global reach gives a voice to people around the world and as far away as the International Space Station," according to the post. "After launching Hindi, Filipino, Malay and Simplified and Traditional Chinese in the coming weeks, Twitter will support 17 different languages." 

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