New YouTube Partner Ranking Reveals Music Sites Crushing It with Over Half of Unique Viewers in July

Google's YouTube continued to dominate the online video market in July with 88% of unique viewers in the U.S. -- or 158M -- according to comScore. But comScore is now tracking which YouTube partners are most popular, and music is the clear winner: VEVO music video channel (59.7M) and Warner Music (31.3M) together accounted for well over half of all YouTube viewers in July followed by the video gamer network Machinima (16.9M) and Demand Media (15.2M).

For this first report, comScore only tracked those YouTube partners that agreed to be part of the trial -- and not all did, AdAge reported. However, the top three channels would remain the same in a complete listing. Subsequent releases will include reporting from more partners.

The data are intended to help advertisers create more targeted advertising campaigns.

Although VEVO had the most video views (844M) in July, Machinima had the highest level of engagement with more than 1.2 hours per viewer.

Last week, YouTube relaunched its music page right after settling a four-year legal battle with the National Music Publisher Association, which alleged YouTube was committing copyright infringement. The lawsuit could have resulted in YouTube losing much of its music content.