New reasons to attend LAUNCH Beacon!



We're a little over 4 weeks out from LAUNCH Beacon and there are more reasons than ever to attend this exclusive summit on June 16, in New York!  You'll get the opportunity to see super new technology in the retail, e-commerce, payment, and location spaces.

Added to the agenda recently:

  • Aaron Mittman (Sonic Notify) and Kenny Lauer (Golden State Warriors) will show @Jason how they're working together to make the Golden State Warriors arena beacon-enabled. 
  • Ashley Etling (Red Clay) will showcase some of the products that her platform has made possible
  • Power Lunch panelists like Ruchika Kumar (Boutiika), Maxine Bédat (Zady), and David Munczinski (Brickwork) will share their insights on the state of the industry

If you'd like to help with the event, there are a couple of ways to do it:

1. Introduce us to anyone you know who runs a retail brand so we can invite them to the event as our guests.

2. If you've seen something awesome for retail (like Aisle 411's indoor mapping or Slyce's visual search product), let us know!   

It's not too late to join us for a day full of fireside chats, Power Lunches, and networking – capped off with a dinner at Pivotal Labs, right around the corner!  Tickets at: