New Google+ App: Stream+ Categorizes Your Posts by Topic

Stream+, one of the first Google+ apps built using the Google+ API that launched last week [ see our story here ], pulls your Google+ posts and categorizes them by topic.

After categorizing your posts, Stream+ organizes them on the left-hand side of the page and displays the related posts in the main navigation [ see above ].

Mohamed Mansour, the Canada-based developer of Stream+ and a Google Qualified Developer for Chrome, says Stream+ will always remain free.

LAUNCH has contacted Mansour for more information related to the Stream+ release.

Google+ users suggested Mansour add classes or substreams -- or extension integration -- so you can see what topics others post on before you choose to follow them.   

On the Stream+ application page, Mansour writes that one of the benefits to using the Google+ API is its simplicity.

Mansour also developed My Hangouts, which lets you see all of the active Google+ Hangouts in your stream; Extended Share for Google+, which lets you share your Google+ posts on your other social networks and Facebook Friend Exporter, which lets you pull your contact information from Facebook -- whether they want you to or not.



Mohamed Mansour
Twitter: @MohamedMansour