Never Miss a Hangout Again: LiveOn+ Chrome Extension

LiveOn+ is a new Google Chrome extension for Google+ that notifies users of all ongoing and upcoming live events.

The extension informs users of concerts, discussions and other streaming events on sites like, YouTube Live and more. The features include "Upcoming Events" and "Currently Live" streams, as well as event details.

Features in development include notifications for specific events, as well as only showing events in categories that users are interested in, LiveOn+ co-creator Tony Rouse tells LAUNCH.

Web developers Tony and Dan Larson released the extension on Sept. 28. Download the Chrome extension here. 


After installing the extension, locate the rainbow-colored addition sign in the toolbar.

The LiveOn+ tab shows you what hangouts are live. Click the "Watch" button to be directed to the event. The progress bar shows you how far along the event is.

The Upcoming tab shows you what events are coming up. Click "Details" to read more about the stream.

The event details tell you more about the stream, including where it's being streamed.

To access LiveOn+ settings, click the plus icon in the toolbar and then click the gear icon.

Here, users can set notification settings, such as pop-up notifications and reminders. Click "Save" when done. 


Tony Rouse, MindSeed Labs Co-founder
Twitter: @tonrou 

Dan Larson, MindSeed Labs Co-founder
Twitter: @crazymandan