Mynd's Discovery App: Find and Recommend Entertainment, Eventually across All Devices

We've all seen variations on the app for app discovery, but it's hard to beat the App Store itself when you want something new.

Just-launched Mynd is betting you'll want an app focused on finding entertainment (games, music, books and film/tv) and that giving you three types of opinions -- those from the Mynd staff, your friends and the crowd -- will make it indispensable for your smartphone, tablet and any other connected device.

"Every 'like', 'review', and 'share' you make will help us perfect what we hope will ultimately become the most personalized cross-category entertainment recommendation engine ever built," co-founder and CEO Greg Martin explains in an email to its early adopters.

Mynd also has a Klout-type element with its M score, which is based on your activity within the app. Users start at Newbie and can move up to master curator. By increasing your score, your become eligible for "real-world rewards courtesy of our select brand partners." It's not clear yet what level you need to reach and what kind of perks will be available.

Right now the app is only for the iPhone, but an iPad version is coming next, with Kindle Fire, Android and Facebook apps planned as well. In terms of content, ebooks and digital music will be included as well.

One way to increase your M score is to recommend an app not already listed on Mynd. The process isn't that simple, however: you have to search within Mynd first, tap the "non-curated apps" button that follows Mynd's results, tap the app you want, then scroll down and hit "recommend." 

"Admittedly, crowd curation is not the easiest system in the world right now, but after we get some feedback from these first-in users, we'll finalize a more elegant process," Greg tells LAUNCH.

Mynd is the first product from Seattle-based Liquify Digital, a mobile-development studio founded in June 2010. Bootstrapped so far, the company is currently raising an angel round.


After you sign in with Facebook or Twitter, you go to the app's main page. The top apps in each category -- books, music, games and film/TV -- are shown. Tap a category to see more recommendations.

Tap the "trending" button from the main page to see what's trending in each category divided into two parts: what your friends like and what everyone else likes. The app's overall curation score is in oranage, and just below the app title you'll see how many Mynd users gave given it a thumbs up.

To see the latest app reviews, tap the "stream" button at the bottom. Right now, all the reviews we saw came from the Mynd staff.

Tap the "me" button to see your M score, reviews and your entourage (who you are following and who follows you).

Follow someone by touching their review for an app. As with your own profile, you can see that person's reviews and their "entourage."

All reviews are 140 characters or less. When you submit a review, the text Mynd has already written populates the field. Edit as you see fit and then hit the "send button in the top-right corner.

User reviews for apps appear at the bottom of the app's page in Mynd. You can vote someone's review up or down.


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Greg Martin, CEO
Email: greg at liquifydigital dot com
Twitter: @thatgreg

Kaveh Ghadianipour, CTO
Email: kaveh at liquifydigital dot com

Sam Teplitsky, CPO
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