MoPix WYSIWYG Digital Platform Helps Filmmakers Turn Films into Apps

WHAT: Platform for filmmakers and content creators to distribute their work as paid apps for the iPad, iPhone, Kindle Fire and Android devices. Filmmakers choose from templates and customizable options to create a DVD-like experience that bridges video content with the interactivity, enhanced features, and extra content of an app. Depending on the number of features, the price varies from app to app.

WHY: Not every film at a festival gets distribution, and using a traditional middleman means less money for the filmmaker. Studios are looking for ways to replace declining DVD revenue. People are willing to pay for apps and want to watch quality content on their mobile devices. [ MoPix will demo its app at the LAUNCH 'PAD tablet event Oct. 21. ]

WHEN/WHERE: March 2011 / Los Angeles.

LAUNCHERS: Ryan Stoner, CEO, also founded Hooray, a startup think tank; Mark Vega, COO; Drew McAuliffe, CTO.

BACKSTORY: Ryan and Drew were creating apps for the Oscars, Warner Brothers and Disney when they got interested in film distribution. They saw an opportunity to replace traditional distribution outlets by creating a platform for filmmakers to release their work. Reaching out to their friends in the film industry, they learned about pain points in the distribution process and created MoPix to define what the movie ownership experience can be on tablet devices.

BUSINESS MODEL: MoPix charges a one-time maintenance fee and takes a percentage of total sales [ Ryan would not disclose amounts ]. Content creators set their own price in the App Store though MoPix will offer recommendations.

COMPETITION: Film festivals, DVDs, Blu-Ray, Netflix.

CUSTOMERS: The company has created 10 apps so far. The first two, "Transcendent Man," a documentary about futurist Ray Kurzweil, and horror film "The Tunnel" are available in the App Store.  

GOAL: "Our goal is to define the post-DVD experience," Ryan says. "A turnkey film video distribution platform to allow anyone to create socially connected content, whether you are a studio or an individual who wants to sell your fitness DVD. We've created a platform that makes it very efficient to do so, so you're not spending $100K."

ON TABLETS: "I think the tablet is revolutionary," Ryan tells LAUNCH. "It's an amazing device as far as entertainment consumption. In terms of consumption, it's growing faster than any other device and has a higher adoption rate than DVDs did, which only sold 300K in its first year, the tablet has been predicted to react 70M by the end of the year. Everyone wants a tablet and it has a better viewing experience than the iPhone."

WHO BACKED IT: Bootstrapped. Now a part of Portland Incubator Experiment, backed by Wieden + Kennedy.



You can choose to output your MoPix app to multiple devices and platforms, including the iPad, the iPhone Android and the Kindle Fire.

The MoPix App Builder gives you the control to organize videos, photos, social feeds, and bonus content into your app.

"The Tunnel" ($8.49) is one of two apps created with the MoPix platform available in the App Store.


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