Michael Robertson: "MP3tunes Wins Lawsuit - Have Confidence In Your Locker!"

[ DAR.fm's presentation at the LAUNCH Conference in Feb. 2011 ]

EMAIL from Michael Robertson, founder of MP3tunes and DAR.fm, sent Aug. 25 to all MP3tunes users.

I want to personally thank you for being a loyal MP3tunes user who has stood by the company during our long legal battle with EMI - I really appreciate your support. On Monday, August 22nd, a ruling was published in the EMI v MP3tunes case and it is definitely a victory for cloud music and MP3tunes. The Judge OKed our core business of storing and playing music in our cloud-based service.

We've always operated MP3tunes in a responsible manner which is why the Judge found that "MP3tunes did not promote infringement" and has protection under the DMCA as a service provider. Few companies have been able to stand up to the withering record labels attack and get rulings from the court on key issues relevant to the future of the internet music. This 29-page ruling will set new precedent if it remains standing (If you're interested in my detailed analysis or want to read the decision for yourself, click here). So the good news for you is we don't anticipate any changes to how your MP3tunes locker operates.

We're committed to keep improving your music experience. MP3tunes remains the ONLY locker with connections to internet radios and an open API as well the ability to sync your music down to your PC. Here's a few more links of ways to get more value from your locker:

It has taken a substantial investment to battle the labels and your support has helped. You can help us by signing up for a Premium subscription. Special bonus: All Premium MP3tunes users qualify for a free Premium DAR.fm account at no additional charge. If you enjoy radio, this is a fantastic deal.

Thanks again!

-- MR