Mark Cuban to keynote LAUNCH Festival 2014

I’m super excited that Mark Cuban will be sitting down with me for a fireside chat at this year’s LAUNCH Festival.

Entrepreneur, blogger, angel investor, owner of the Dallas Mavericks, the best part of ABC’s Shark Tank – there are a ton of different ways to describe Mark – but our conversations are always great fun and brutally honest. And he always has interesting insights into things.

We’re going to have 8,000+ participants in this year’s Festival, making it the world’s largest startup conference, Feb 24-26 in San Francisco:

If you missed my “gift to the industry”, there’s still time to claim your complimentary pass. However, I expect we’ll be sold-out by next week, so please register now:

UPDATE: "Gift to the industry" tickets are sold out!

Passes can still be purchased here:

Some other highlights below, I really hope you can make it!

best, @jason


More from LAUNCH Festival:  

Fireside Demos with the founders of some awesome products


  • Kanishk Parashar, Coin - the incredibly viral “one credit card to rule them all"
  • Rob Rhinehart, Soylent - the meal replacement sludge of the future
  • Paul Eremenko, Project Ara -  former DARPA, now modular phones at Motorol
  • Christian Sanz, Skycatch - they code drones!
  • Chris Anderson, 3D Robotics - they make personal drones, you can buy
  • Simon Tian, Neptune - they are reinventing the smart watch with Pine
  • Stephane Marceau, OMSignal - bio-sensing clothin
  • Thejo Kote, Automatic - FitBit for your ca
  • Stuart Williams, Cardiovascular Innovation Institute - 3D printed heart!
  • Stacy Stephens, Knightscope - robots that patrol your neighborhood & schools


Startup Stage - Brand new stage!

On the Startup Stage, companies will give 20-minute presentations that go in-depth on their products, strategies, staffing, fundraising, and the markets they are pursuing. These are the deep dives that investors typically ask for, where founders will have the opportunity to show their products, detail the markets they're operating within, share their fundraising history and plans, profile their executive team, and explain what positions they have open.

Presenters include:


  • Glenn Martin, Martin Jetpack - It’s a jetpack!
  • Kishan Shah, Downsize Fitness - plus-size gyms sweeping the nation!
  • Edouard de La Jonquière, Mention - powerful social notifications
  • Kristoph Matthews, Boxbee - simple urban storage *LAUNCH 2013 Winner*


Verticals to include: Enterprise, Sales & CRM, Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency, Hardware, Robotics & Drones, Education, Mobile Gaming, On-Demand, Social, Wearable Tech, Health & Fitness, Food & Drink, the Maker Space & DIY, Internet of Things, Parenting & Families, Smart Homes, Art & Design, 3D Printing, Travel, and Green Transportation.

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Grand Jury

These folks watch every demo and help us pick the best of the best startups. One or two more additions coming (yes, we have a ton of invites out to women as well – we value diversity and always have it).



Special thanks to our new partners that make this event happen:



Also, a quick thank you to our media partners, helping us get out the word: Women Who Code (, CoFounders Lab (, Beta (, Founder Dating (, and many others:

There’s still time to reach the 8,000+ entrepreneurs/developers/startups that are going to be there. Email: