Make Sweet Beats with Electronic Drum Machine Shirt

Think Geek has created an awesome wearable drum machine where you can make your own drum loops and layer beats on top to build a complex rhythm. 

The fully-playable t-shirt drum machine offers nine different drum kits with seven professional-grade drum sounds. It also comes with a mini amplifier that clips onto your belt.

To use, you simply tap the drum pads on the front of the shirt to create a rhythm. You can make loops up to three minutes long and can add as many tracks as you want.

Even though the shirt is designed for men, there's no reason why women can't get in on the fun. In fact, one of our female editor's just ordered one. We will update this story once she has tested the product. 

While professional drum machines can cost anywhere from $100 up to $1K, Think Geek is selling its "DJ quality" drum machine for $29.99. The shirt is washable but requires you to first remove the drum pads and electronics.

Think Geek's other interactive apparel include its Electronic Music Synthesizer shirt and the Electronic Rock guitar shirt. The site offers a variety of geeky things like Angry Birds speakers, a Wi-Fi detector shirt and the iCADE iPad arcade cabinet. The iCADE started as an April Fools joke in 2010 but due to popular demand, Think Geek is now selling it for $79.99.

A user on Quora asked if Think Geek would consider opening a retail store or create an "Invented at Think Geek" line.
"As for the former, we joke about it but don't have any plans for it right now," Think Geek Web Community Manager Carrie Gouldin writes. "We're still a small shop and we like our computers too much to take this whole shebang IRL. As for a line of retail items, we have dabbled in that, most notably with our Electronic Guitar Shirt. So there's a few out there in the wild."

Founded in 2009, Think Geek is an online retailer that caters to computer enthusiasts and other "geeky" social groups.


Angry Birds speakers.

Wi-Fi detector shirt.