Love Those Analytics: Hubspot Launches Tool to Track Retweets (and Thankfully Changes Its Name)

HubSpot has released a beta version of its free WhoTweetedMe content analytics tool, which analyzes a URL for its most influential retweeters, statistics about potential reach and a timeline of retweets.

Boston-based HubSpot does online lead-gen for small businesses in a range of industries.

Due to Twitter API limitations, the tool currently works best on URLs that are between one day to two weeks old. Users can also add the WhoTweetedMe bookmarklet to access the full statistical report for a URL without having to visit the website.

While Adly and offer analytics tools for links, WhoTweetedMe differs in that it provides traffic and analytics data for any URL, rather than solely for Twitter feeds or shortened URLs.

HubSpot social media scientist Dan Zarrella developed the tool for his upcoming marketing webinar, humbly noted as a Guinness World Records-setter.

“The tool is still very beta, so don’t be surprised if you see some errors,” Dan wrote on his site. “But I think it’s valuable enough to release now.”

You'd think a social media expert would have noticed, however, that the tool's original name -- WhoReTweetedMe -- also reads "Whore Tweeted Me." Probably explains why Dan has since rebranded the tool and site as "WhoTweetedMe" although does not yet redirect to