Love an Ad on YouTube? Google Lets You +1 It

The ability to +1 ads on YouTube commercials just came on up our radar. With one click, users can recommend the ad's landing page to friends and other contacts from within YouTube.

"Incorporating personal recommendations into display ads has the potential to change the way people view advertising," Senior Software Engineer Eider Oliveira writes on the Google blog. "A display ad becomes much more powerful when people can see which of their friends and contacts have chosen to endorse it."

Companies that are utilizing the +1 button in YouTube video ads include (146 +1s), Sony Music Entertainment for Tony Bennett's album Duets II on iTunes (five +1s) and Bing (121 +1s). Companies can also incorporate +1s into images, animated GIF files and flash.

A Google spokesperson tells LAUNCH that they don't disclose the number of advertisers using the +1 button in ads on YouTube.

Earlier this month, Google rolled out +1 capabilities for watching videos on YouTube and at the same time integrated YouTube with Google+.

However, advertisers on the Google Display Network have been able to add +1s to video ads, in addition to other ads on Google products since October. Any company who wants to advertise through YouTube has the option of running social-enabled campaigns.

The Google Display Network offers advertising solutions to companies for promotion on Google products and services, such as YouTube, Google TV and Google mobile search, in addition to on partner networks.

"What’s even better is that the +1 button on display ads will work together with +1 buttons on search results, search ads, and websites," the blog states. "A single +1 applies to the same content across the web, no matter where it appears."

New-York based AdKeeper also adds a social layer to advertisements, letting users rate and save ads for later, and share them with friends. With the use of the Keeps button, users can control when and where they engage with an advertiser's message.

In 2009, Digg started experimenting with a vote-for-ads model, which actually led to an increase in revenue at Digg.

"For example, advertisements that get more “diggs,” or votes, get a lower cost-per-click rate for the ad, and the ad is likely to stay visible on the site longer, a New York Times Bits article states. "If users veto the ad, also known as “burying” it, the cost-per-click rate will go up and the advertiser will be more likely to remove the ad from the site."
While Digg lets users dislike an ad, YouTube only lets users +1 an ad since its popularity has no impact on how long it remains on the site.

A Google spokesperson tells LAUNCH that advertisers have complete control of when and where their ads on appear on YouTube, and that the number of +1s does not affect the advertising terms.

"We’re confident from our initial experience with the +1 button on search that this’ll be a great addition to your GDN campaigns," the blog states. "However, if you’re not sure that you want the +1 button and recommendations associated with your ads, starting today you can opt-out at the campaign level in AdWords under campaign settings."

Earlier this month, Google started letting users +1 photos in Google Images and first introduced the +1 button in March. A Google spokesperson tells LAUNCH that 1B+ items are shared and received on any given day.


Advertisement for Tony Bennett's Duets II album licensed by Sony Music Entertainment.

Microsoft Bing ad in Chelsea Lately video.

Google has not enabled +1s for Google TV ads, surprisingly enough.

"My Week with Marilyn" advertisement cannot be +1d.