Looking Back at #launch2013: 21k Mentions in Three Days, 6k Attendees

We planned on making the 2013 LAUNCH Festival our biggest, best event ever -- and judging by the crowds, the energy and the awesome demos, panels and firesides, we're pretty sure we did just that.

We asked our friends at Lewis PR to run some numbers on our social presence and package them with some of our other stats -- such as 6k attendees, 500 Hackathon participants -- into one tidy infographic.

Turns out #launch2013 was used nearly 21k times during the event and Twitter-ing folks mentioned @LAUNCH more than 4k times (thanks to @hkwong for tweeting more than us!). Plus, attendees using our crowdfunding app committed more than $12.5M in LAUNCH dollars to the 50 startups that launched on stage.

Check out the complete infographic below -- and feel free to share!