Look Who's Launching at the LAUNCH 'PAD Tablet Event

[ New York-based Condition One will launch an app that promises to change the way you watch video on your tablet. ]

Our sold-out LAUNCH 'PAD Tablet event today will showcase 25 awesome companies -- four will launch new apps and six will unveil new features. Learn more about these companies in the speaker list.

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Brand-new apps
Danfung Dennis, CEO, ConditionOne
Trey Ratcliff, founder, Stuck in Customs, Stuck on Earth app
Vince Baskerville, co-founder, TripLingo
Woody Sears, founder, zuuka

New features
Osman Rashid, CEO, Kno
Mark Johnson, CEO, Zite
Jason Baptiste, CEO, OnSwipe
Ryan Stoner, CEO, MoPix
Kara Nortman, GM, UrbanSpoon, Rezbook app
Robb Myer, CEO, NoWait