Liquid Fare Helps You Find Popping Night Clubs with Hot People, Adds Foursquare Check-Ins

Liquid Fare, a nightlife mobile application that lets users rate bars for style, attractiveness and age, now leverages the Foursquare API to provide users real-time information about crowd sizes.

"I was inspired by the randomness of New York City nightlife where the standard practice is to wander through lackluster crowds until you find that perfect spot," Liquid Fare CEO Jon Zanoff tells LAUNCH via email.  "While you can find nightlife reviews online there was no easy way to find the perfect crowd based on your interests once you're already out and about, so the solution had to be mobile and realtime."

The app, which is available on iOS and Android, now lets you check-in via Foursquare and see crowd volume in real-time. About 3K people have downloaded the app to date and Jon says the app is gaining popularity in Baltimore, Boston, LA, New York, and San Francisco. 

Other nightlife mobile apps include VelvetRope, Happy Hours and Free Booze. 

Unlike other nightlife mobile apps, Liquid Fare relies on social data as the deepest untapped resource of information, which is infinitely more scalable than installing cameras in bars and using facial recognition software, or asking users to pay for live photos of a venue," Jon says. "Between crowdsourced ratings and social check-ins, we already capture insightful statistics on tens of thousands of venues across the country."

New York-based Liquid Fare, founded in 2010, launched in April 2011. Jon says Liquid Fare will be piloting a loyalty program this winter. 

To check out the app, download here for iOS and here for Android


Sort through bars based on distance, age, attractiveness, crowd and ranking.

Liquid Fare shows you gender ratios and what bars are buzzing.

Check-in via Foursquare without leaving the app.


Jon Zanoff, CEO and founder
Twitter: @jonzanoff

Liquid Fare
Twitter: @liquidfare