Leak: Zappos CEO Gives Employees Free Private Jet Service

[ Interior of the Phenom 100 aircraft. Photo courtesy of JetSuite. ]

The Launch Team just received the most awesome leaked memo ever. Tony Hsieh is offering his employees free private jet service courtesy of JetSuite, a company he just invested in that uses the new Phenom 100 planes. These aircrafts have a low enough operating cost for it to cost JetSuite members just $4K an hour to operate. Typically private jet services, for those of you who are not in the know, starts at $5K an hour but quickly jumps with all kinds of fuel and taxiing surcharges. Jetsuite guarantees their $4K hourly rate.

Here is the leaked memo: 

---------- Forwarded message ----------
Date: Fri, 16 Sep 2011 19:02:13 +0000
From: Tony Hsieh 
To: DL LVTeam 
Subject: JetSuite - a new Zappos employee benefit

"Some of you may have heard that I recently made an investment in and joined the board of directors of a private jet company called JetSuite:


The normal cost to fly private on JetSuite is $4000/hour (or less).

Just like we have markdowns at Zappos and 6pm for unsold inventory, JetSuite occasionally has empty planes flying around so it can reposition its planes, so JetSuite offers the empty planes at a big discount (called SuiteDeals) every day on its Facebook page:


For example, if you scroll down, you can see that yesterday, you could have chosen to schedule a one-way private jet flight for today (September 16) from Vegas to Carlsbad for just $499. (There was also an option to fly one-way from LA to Vegas for $499.)

These discounted deals between random cities (JetSuite planes are mostly on the west-coast right now) are available to the public at these prices.

But for Zappos employees, we've negotiated a special employee benefit… Instead of the discounted price of $499, Zappos employees get to fly FOR FREE.

Yes, that is not a typo (and nobody has hacked my email :) -- All the SuiteDeal offers are available to Zappos employees for free. You get to fly on an entire jet (and bring up to 3 of your friends, since the plane seats 4 people) for free!

So if you're interested, please read the attachment carefully for step-by-step instructions on how to sign up!

-Tony :)
[Benefits are hot]"



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Tony Hsieh, CEO
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