Launching Soon: Hangout Academy Will Turn Google+ Hangouts into Education Platform

Hangout Academy will connect people in search of knowledge with experienced professionals and hobbyists willing to share it. Details about the product are currently under wraps, but Hangout Academy is expected to launch Oct. 9.

The promo video shows screens full of code and floats past various hangout moments. It ends with a voice whispering "create" and "share" as those words flash by.

Members of the six-person team of developers have never met each other in person, only in Hangouts.  

"Meeting random new people is nice, but can we use Hangouts to learn new skills?" Jake McCuistion, a member of the Hangout Academy team wrote on his Google+ page on Friday. "To collaborate on a global scale? The proof is in the project itself. We've been using Hangouts to build for Hangouts."

"We've discovered a lot of benefits while collaborating during a hangout and some difficulties collaborating with so many people inside the hangout as well," Carmelyne Thompson, another member of the Hangout Academy team wrote on Google+.

The Hangout Academy team includes Mohamed Mansour, who developed My Hangouts, which shows Google+ members' active hangouts on their stream.

Mansour just released Stream+, a Google API app that categorizes Google+ member's posts into easily viewable topics [ see our story ].

"To tell you the truth, +Mohamed Mansour is an awesome coder and he inspires the rest of us to do well," Thompson writes.

Other Hangout Academy team members are Eric Martindale, Christa Laser and Lucas Johnson [ contact info below ].

Hangout Academy says it is not seeking funding right now and are instead focusing on innovation.

CNN has used Google+ Hangouts in its coverage [ see our story ].


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