LAUNCHED! Quick Posture, Stream Nation, Lexity, Brainpickin', Revolve & Boxbee

Alumni Pivot (Alltuition): Brilliant - assesses teens via problem sets and challenges, identifies the best and brightest. 
Quick Posture is an accurate and inexpensive assessment of postural alignment, movement patterns and balance. 
Stream Nation is cloud storage that streams your movie and video collections on all your devices and lets you share them with your friends. 

Lexity 2.0 = Online store owner gets a text/alert on mobile device that customer is about to purchase something (owner sets trigger). At same time, Lexity sends customer automatic response owner has written for this occasion ("Happy to see you're interested in our standing desk! Can I answer any questions?") and gives customer opportunity to text back or speak to store owner right then/there. 
Brainpickin Tool that enables anyone to create their personalised e-learning website, customise it, upload courses, sell them or offer them for free - all in a complete social environment
Revolve Robotics is developing KUBI, a desktop tablet stand that helps people who use video calling look around and physically interact with others remotely through simple web-based motion controls.
Boxbee Effortlessly store your stuff & pay only for the space you use.