LAUNCH Education & Kids: 30 Companies (6 Stealth) Plus Scoble, Alan Louie & Nolan Bushnell

To make sure we selected the most awesome companies for LAUNCH Education & Kids on June 12 & 13 -- just 11 days from now -- the LAUNCH team spoke with over 160 companies of the 300+ on our list.

We debated our favorites and narrowed it down to 30 startups that will unveil something new, including six stealth startups that will launch on stage. Each company will also share its hard-won insights about the education/kids space.

Bottom line: We simply had too many great companies to limit ourselves to 25!

Since we know how much entrepreneurs appreciate receiving immediate feedback, we're also putting together a roster of top judges. Those confirmed include Robert Scoble, Alan Louie of Imagine K12, Christine Tsai of 500 Startups, Wesley Chan of Google Ventures and Ted Maidenberg of the Social+Capital Partnership. Our unofficial judges for the event: tech-savvy kids sitting in the front rows -- we expect them to be nothing less than brutally honest!

We're thrilled to have two keynote speakers as well. Nolan Bushnell is best known for founding Atari, but wait till you see the education startup he's working on -- and hear what he thinks education in the 21st century should look like. Marshall Tuck is the CEO of Partnership for Los Angeles Schools, one of the largest public school turnaround projects in the nation. We'll find out how technology is helping L.A.'s lowest-performing schools.

That's not all: we've got a demo pit with 10 tables just outside the auditorium so any education startup can show investors, educators, press and fellow founders what they're building. Plus, one of those startups will get a chance to pitch on stage. Tables come with two tickets and can be purchased here for $1k -- only a few left!

Please note: we are selling a limited number of tickets for this event at $1k each so get yours now. Every ticket we sell helps cover the cost of the 60+ educators coming to the event for FREE -- we make no money on them.

Up-to-date agenda is here.

These are the 16 startups we added and can tell you about (check out the first eight here):

DemoLesson - LinkedIn meets YouTube for teachers so they can show their teaching talent with video, find great jobs.

Eduvant - Provides analytics and intelligence for school administrators using data their school system already collects.

Fingerprint Play Technologies - Mobile learning and play network for kids and parents.

GatherEducation - Virtual classroom that allows instructors to teach naturally using a Kinect, TV, laptop and/or iPad.

Global Imagination - Makers of the Magic Planet, a digital display with a sphere-shaped screen; also supplies software, content and services.

GradeCam - Grades multiple-choice assignments with any web or document camera and transfers scores into any electronic gradebook.

InstaEDU - Get immediate one-on-one academic help from a tutor at a top-25 university and pay by the minute.

JoyTunes - Teaches children to play the piano or recorder using a real instrument or virtual one.

Kno - Read digital textbooks on an iPad or the web, take notes in/highlight the text and have flashcards generated from terms and multiple choice quizzes from diagrams.

ManyLabs - Learning platform that incorporates games, simulations, and sensors for teaching math and science to high schoolers.

Nearpod - Synchronized use of iPads in the classroom; teachers can monitor and assess results.

Small Lab Learning - Kids use the Kinect or other motion-capture camera to manipulate images, sounds, text, and graphics ("embodied learning").

StudyEgg - Adds an assessment layer to/divides into shorter chunks free education videos from Khan Academy MIT OpenCourseWare, TED Ed, etc.

Testive - Turns test prep into part of a regular routine, automatically assesses strengths/weaknesses and links content to interventions.

Timbuktu Labs - iPad magazine for kids: play games, read the news, discover the most beautiful pictures from all over the world.

Voxy - Personalized English learning on iOS and Android devices based on real-life activities; currently for Spanish and Portuguese native speakers.