Klout to Finally Let Users Add Topics to Profile, Average Score is 20

Who knows more about how influential you are than Klout? Well for starters, you, and probably your friends and co-workers. In Klout's November Twitter Tweet Chat, they announced that you will soon be able to add topics to your profile, but others will still need to vouch for your influence.

Currently, topics are generated based on the way users engage with your content. Klout also says they plan to focus more on privacy, which is probably why it is now much easier to delete your Klout account. Before, it could take up to a full day for Klout to remove an account.
"We believe there is real value in having a Klout Score, but for anyone who wishes we do have an opt-out feature," Klout tweeted

One user, @jkcallas wrote in response, "@klout what is the VALUE in your view? having our data and doing profit on ur activities and what else?" 

Klout replied, "@jkcallas our goal is to empower users and help them understand and measure their influence."

On Oct. 26, Klout changed its algorithm that caused many "influential" users' scores to drop up to 20 points. Klout, however, intended for the algorithm to provide a more accurate measure of a user's influence. 

"We know you rely on us to be an accurate indicator of influence," Klout tweeted. "That requires change and evolution so we can improve."

In the next couple of weeks, Klout will begin integrating Google+ into your score. On Sept. 20, Klout started letting users add Google+ to their profile but did not have any effect on score. To better help users understand where they rank, Klout revealed that the average score is 20.

San Francisco-based Klout, founded in 2008 by Binh Tran, measures social influence across the web. The company has received $10M in funding from investors including Allen Morgan, Mayfield Fund, Lucid Ventures and Greycroft Partners. 


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