Klout CEO Confirms That Twitter Carries the Most Weight in Your Klout Score

Klout, the service that measures your social influence over more than 12 social networks, gives more weight to your Twitter activity than any other network.

UPDATE: Klout Marketing Manager Megan Berry says that Klout looks at influence equally from all networks and Twitter does not actually have more weight on the Klout score than other networks. But while Klout recently opened up the ability to connect to Google+ they have not yet integrated that influence into the Klout score.

"We are working swiftly to add this in and then those users with strongly engaged audiences on Google+ will see an increase in their Klout Score," Berry says. 

In a post on Google+, tech blogger and pundit Robert Scoble wrote that Klout CEO Joe Fernandez confirmed in an email that the top-weighted network for Klout is Twitter.  Scoble noticed that his Klout score went down to 84 -- still impressive, let's be honest -- after he shifted his social activity away from Twitter to Google+ and Facebook. Fewer retweets = less Klout.

LAUNCH has contacted Fernandez about the way Klout weights different networks. We will update this post if we receive a response.

"Will Klout get me to put more time into Twitter?" Scoble asks in his post. "No way."

Scoble noted that his network influence, amplification probability and true reach have all risen despite his overall score dropping: "
The future of media is on Google+ and Facebook and my subscores show that."

Other Google+ users commenting on Scoble's post noted similar experiences.

"The more I use Google+ the more my Klout score goes down," Bill Gross, founder of Idealab wrote in response to Scoble's post.

Klout derives a user's score by measuring how many people they influence, how much they influence and how influential those people are.

On Sept. 20, Klout integrated Google+, bringing its list of measured networks to 11. On Google+, users scores are boosted by +1's and comments to your posts [ see our story ].


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