Kickstarter Clone Ideame Caters to Latin America

Argentina-based Ideame is the the latest company to use Kickstarter's model of crowdfunding creative projects abroad.

U.S.-based Indiegogo was among the first, and Kickstarter copycats have also popped up in countries like Sweden (Funded by Me).

All with similar interfaces (see below), Ideame intends to give Latin American startups, which it says investors have overlooked in the past, their own crowdfunding platform.

“In Latin America, there is a huge amount of people with ideas, projects and initiatives which, in most cases, cannot be carried out due to lack of capital. Ideame is an online community that supports Latin talent," CEO Sebastián Uchitel said in a statement.

Kickstarter declined to comment about its clones. 

(Update) "Ideame is not intended to clone Kickstarter," Uchitel told LAUNCH via email. "There are several amazing crowdfunding platforms like Rockethub, Pozible, Indiegogo, Sellaband, etc. and we love them all. Our intend is to become the crowdfunding platform for the region."

Like Kickstarter, projects on Ideame have a funding goal that must be met in a given time period for the project to receive any money. The company is focused on six countries -- Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru -- but so far only lists projects for Argentina and Chile. The site is in Spanish and English, probably to appeal to potential funders in the U.S.

In Europe, the Samwer brothers' European Founders Fund has built a business on investing in clones of American companies like Facebook and Groupon. Groupon purchased its European clone Citydeal in May 2010.

Can you tell Kickstarter from its Idea.Me and Funded By Me clones?