Jobvite Launches Social App on Facebook to Ease Recruiting Process

[ The State of Social Recruiting in 2011 Jobvite infographic. See full graphic after the jump. ]

Jobvite, a social recruiting platform for the web, has introduced a new social job app for Facebook to let companies share and match jobs with job-seekers directly inside the social network.

"Our new social job app gives any employee an easy, authentic way to refer jobs to friends in their networks, while respecting their privacy and need to keep personal and professional information separate," CEO and President Dan Finnigan says in a press release.
Installing the "Work With Us" app creates a jobs tab on any Facebook business fan page. Employers can manage all job applications within Facebook and applicants can track the status of their applications. Facebook users must first install the Jobvite app.  

Jobvite customers include Zynga, Zappos, Starbucks, LinkedIn and Twitter. 

Comapnies using Jobvite see 43% of employee social referral hires from Facebook, according to the Jobvite Index and 77% of job-seekers use Facebook, according to Jobvite statistics. 

San Francisco-based Jobvite was founded in 2003 as ForumJobs and changed its name in 2006. 


You can access the Jobvite app from the Facebook sidebar under APPS. 

The Home tab shows jobs that match your friends and gives you the option to send a job to a friend. You can also search from this page. 

Here's what a Jobvite invitation looks like in your inbox. Click Learn more if you are interested in the position. 

Before submitting, you can preview and edit all of your information and attachments. Click Submit Application when ready. 

Users can track the status of all of their applications from the Applications tab. 

The Jobvite application also lives on individual company pages. You can filter job openings based on location or department.

The Jobvite apps provides full descriptions of job positions.

Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click Apply.
The State of Social Recruiting survey infographic.


Daniel Finnigan, President and CEO at Jobvite 
Twitter: @danfinnigan