Jobs Tractor Mines Twitter for Developer Jobs

Companies that mine Twitter for job listings have been around since at least 2009, but from what we can tell Jobs Tractor is the first developer-centric Twitter job search tool.

Jobs Tractor allows users to filter postings by location at the top of the page, but the site is still in its "infancy" as Jobs Tractor creator Robin Warren writes.

The site currently archives the previous six days worth of tweets, but doesn't timestamp the ones that are populated by the filter and also features a job map with plotted points representing the locations of the jobs listed in a specific area, but the markers do not yet link back to the actual tweets.

"I'd also been working on Jobs Tractor in another incarnation earlier this year intending to create a jobs board which advertised jobs through a network of bloggers, generating revenue for bloggers as an alternative to advertising," Robin tells LAUNCH via email. "It turned out that had been done a number of times before without great success so I stopped working on it. Somewhere in my mind those two ideas got together with the posts I was seeing frequently on twitter from people looking to hire developers and I came up with the current incarnation of Jobs Tractor."

HackerNews readers seemed impressed by the product despite these issues and note the possibilities for such a product.

"Looks like a good start to something potentially very useful." HackerNews commenter Ted Naleid writes.

Another user, Phillip Mendonça-Vieira, wrote that he was "infinitely" more likely to tweet about a job opening than to take the time to post on a job website.

Commenters were primarily concerned with the fact that Jobs Tractor doesn't pull the links in the tweets, it only pulls the text and links back to the original Twitter account and wanted more filtering options.

"I need to implement some improvements to the UI, and try to get some more jobs listed from twitter as well as removing more of the noise," Robin says. "After that, I'm sure there's lots more I can do but up until now I've been focused on building just enough to get some feedback on if whether this is a useful idea or not before committing more time."

Jobs Tractor features this nifty little map of where tweets are coming from, however it does not currently link to the tweets corresponding to the plotted points.



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