Jam Out with Horn Bike, A Wireless iPhone Amplifier

Horn Bike, an iPhone amplifier that attaches to bike handlebars, lets you listen to music without headphones while biking. [ h/t Scott Beale ]

The Horn Bike, which amplifies the sound of the iPhone by 13 decibels without needing external power, also works for GPS directions and FaceTime. 

LAUNCH has contacted Horn Bike maker Fruitshop and will update this story if we receive a response.

For bike riders, this is great because it's not safe to bike with earphones. For everyone else, however, it has the potential to be annoying.

"Just what I want to hear while I'm taking a quiet stroll through the park: loud crappy audio from a cell phone magnified through a plastic horn from someone riding by on a bike," +Joe Ercoli writes. "Put on some earphones, ya douche!"

"You can also spoil lots of peoples quiet time while probably getting killed by the truck you didn't see while selecting your music track," one commenter, gibsos00, writes on YouTube.

Taiwan-based Fruitshop also makes spiffy iPad stands, mummy flash drives and other accessories for tech products. The Horn Bike is selling for $30 on Amazon.


The Horn Bike mounts right onto your handlebar.

The adjustable strap on the back of the case lets you easily secure your iPhone to your bike.


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Website: http://www.fruitshop.com.tw/

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