Ironic: Creepy App About Dangers of Facebook #1 Fastest Growing App on Platform, 3.5M New Users in Past Week

The creepy horror app Take This Lollipop, which shows just how much of your personal information is collected and stored by Facebook, is currently the fastest growing application on Facebook, according to All Facebook statistics.

Take This Lollipop is essentially a horror film where you are the victim. The app has 9M monthly active users, 470K daily active users and weekly growth of 3.5M users.
“When you see your personal information in an environment where you normally wouldn’t, it creates a strong emotional response,” director and creator of the app, Jason Zada, told The New York Times. “It’s tied into the fears about privacy and personal info that we have now that we live online.”

Facebook has received a lot of heat for its privacy policy in regards to data storage and ownership, requiring a Facebook account in order to use Spotify and more.
Jason created Take This Lollipop as a "fun side project," he told the Times. "We're not doing anything crazy with the info. It just makes you feel that way." He first announced his project on Twitter on October 17.

LAUNCH has contacted Jason and will update this story if we receive a response.
The second fastest growing app is Zynga's Mafia Wars 2, with 1.7M daily active users and a weekly growth of 2.4M users. Static Iframe Tab is the third fastest growing app with a weekly growth of 2.1M users.