iOS 5-ageddon! Warning: Do Not Upgrade Your Phone

First we didn't get the iOS 5 update. Then, we couldn't get the service to activate. Now none of the thirdapps work. People are complaining of bricked phones all over the globe going down and #ERROR 3200 and #Downloading iOS 5 are now trending worldwide on Twitter [ See how to fix the problem by locally installing the iOS 5 update here ].

Members of the LAUNCH team who have been one of the "lucky" few to actually update to iOS 5 now are experiencing errors with all non-native apps. Even trying to restore our phones with iOS 5 has resulted in the above error.

"Yep, mine is also bricked until further notice," Michelle Lowe, who runs Oh My Geek writes on Google+ about her 3GS which she tried to update.

Some of us are even rolling back to the previous version of iOS 4.3.3, while others are still waiting on the update they started three hours ago.

" Jason.. you are not alone.. Been trying to get Apple Care on the phone for over an HOUR and a HALF.. Lost all of my contacts on sync.." Philip Nelson writes on Facebook.

LAUNCH has tried to contact Apple repeatedly regarding this issue by telephone and email.

As of 3:35 pm any time we tried to update our phones we received the same message as the main image for this story.

"My iPad2 upgrade was rocky and I'm still trying to get my iPhone 3GS back from recovery mode," Rob Witte, an IT architect writes on Google+. "What a mess."

What a mess indeed. 

We have had to revert back to our old version of iOS to get our apps working. 

"4 hours and 43 minutes from clicking the "update" button, until I finally had a functioning iPad2 again running IOS 5, and an untold number or re-trys with a device that was, for all practical purposes in the interim, a brick," Karl A. Caillouet tells LAUNCH. "End result it had to be restored, which took another 9 attempts, and the last two hours of the above, before I got my iPad2 back up and running from first clicking the update button. Shades of Win3.xx."

"Should've upgraded the iPad 2 to iOS 5 first," PC World writer, Tony Bradley writes on Google+.  I'm replacing the damn iPhone 4 with an iPhone 4S in two days anyway"

Send us your iOS 5 horror stories to tips at LAUNCH dot is.