Internet Identification Service Opens API to Developers, a peer-to-peer age verification service, just released a free API for developers to integrate age authentication into apps. checks user-submitted data against government databases and public data. The service lets users link various social accounts like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, and have a unique QR code to share throughout the web.

“Our API represents the foundation for responsible age gating, something that has never been done well on the Internet,” David Gordon,’s co-founder and C.E.O., writes on the company blog. “The days of simply entering any birthday are over. Companies have a responsibility to keep underage users out of restricted sites and with’s age verification API, authenticated age is now a guarantee.”
The company's mission is to maximize personal privacy and make the Internet safer. 

"I think the mobile apps that will benefit the most would be in the adult oriented world, of gaming and entertainment as well as verifying mobile payments and financial transactions," David tells LAUNCH via email. "We work with a number of companies behind the scenes to do higher level verifications (they include social) in the financial/mobile payment world.", founded by David, Matt Daum and Ashish Datta, launched on Feb. 24, 2011 in beta. 


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David Gordon, co-founder and CEO
Twitter: @trulyverified  
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Twitter: @trulyverified