Instagram Roadmap: Android Support Within a Year, Then Video and iPad App

Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom plans to add Android support for their popular photo-sharing app within a year and will expand into the video market, as he revealed on "This Week In Startups" Tuesday.

Host Jason Calacanis pushed Systrom for a specific date for the Android app, but Systrom would only say it would be out within 12 months. Instagram is looking for Android developers [ top-notch developers can email Kevin at Instagram dot com with their resume ].

"Android is on the top three list of things to do in the coming, you know, year," Systrom said. "I won't say when it will launch but at some point we will have an Android app and that is definitely underway."

Systrom noted that one of the Instagram team members was at an Android conference meeting with engineers at the time of the interview.

Systrom also wants to add video, but network constraints won't allow the company to deliver a product the company can put its name on -- yet.

"Doing video really well in a way that is Instagram snappy and quick is simply just a tough problem and one we want to face and work on in the future," Systrom said. "But what the problem is now is we don't have the network to support a great experience. That being said, I think that will change in the coming years... I don't see a future where video isn't a part of Instagram in some way, it's a matter of when."

Systrom said that the tablet experience is awesome and he expects to get there at some point, but the company is not focused on tablet as a strategy right now.

Instagram is focused on growing their team and building their platform before expanding their business model, Systrom said.

"We're trying really hard to hire the best in the world and you don't come across those  everyday," Systrom said. "We are trying to grow the team in the correct way, not necessarily in the typical dot-com way, which is to staff up really quickly without regard to culture and understanding how the team is going to grow."

Instagram, which has more than 11 million users, raised $7M in February led by Benchmark Capital. Founded in early 2010, the company famously started as the HTML 5 mobile web app Burbn, that let you check in to locations, make plans with your friends and share photos before pivoting to Instagram in December 2010.


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