Humble Bundle Launches Voxatron, No Bundle This Time

The pay-what-you-want gaming company Humble Bundle just launched Voxatron, which is the first game the company is selling brand new and not part of a bundle. 

"Voxatron is actually launching on our site, which is very rare," Humble Bundle co-founder Jeffrey Rosen tells LAUNCH via email. " Typically the games we feature in Humble Bundle are very well-known titles such as World of Goo or Braid." 

Typically, Humble Bundle sells games in packs of five that are available only for two weeks. With Voxatron, Humble Bundle is testing to see how effective the single-game model is. 

"What happens when we take a brand new game and feature that instead?" Jeffrey says. "Do gamers prefer the classics, or a brand new debut?  That is the question this Humble Voxatron Debut hopes to answer."

Lexaloffe's voxel-based shooter game, available on Mac, Windows and Linux, equips gamers with a pea gun to advance their way through blockades and destructible toys. 

While Voxatron technically costs $15, users can set the price for the game. At time of publication, the Humble Voxatron Debut raised $137K. So far, the top contributor paid $256 for the bundle. 

Those who purchase the game can decide to have their payment go to the developers, the Electronic Frontier Foundation, the Child's Play Charity, or split it amongst the different parties. 

"Performance wise, it is much too early to call it, but [ Voxatron ] is currently doing better than Humble Indie Bundle #1, but worse than our other two "signature" Humble Indie Bundles," Jeff says. 

Within the first few hours of launch, Humble Bundle has already sold 38K+ games. Humble Bundle released its first bundle in May 2010, and brought in roughly $1.2M with 130K downloads. In its second bundle, it had 77% more downloads (230K) but witnessed the most with Humble Indie Bundle 3, where 373K+ people purchased bundles for $2.2M+. 

Humble Bundle, founded in 2010, is backed by Sequoia Capital, which invested $4.5M in April 2011. 





John Graham
Email: john at humblebundle dot com
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Jeffrey Rosen
Email: jeff at humblebundle dot com
Twitter: @humble