How to Use Quora Infographic -- Not Just for Newbies

Leave it to a scientist to break down Quora into a color-coded flow chart that not only explains how the social Q&A service works but how to follow its etiquette.

Kent Cavender-Bares, founder of the Minnesota-based environmental nonprofit Dialogue Earth, tells LAUNCH he has used Quora since May 2010 and made the graphic "to help new expert collaborators that I plan to bring to Quora in the coming months as part of Dialogue Earth's "EarthQ" project."

Kent wants the general public to better understand environmental issues, and he sees Quora as the right place to have such serious conversations.

"These are very polarized issues, and I believe a transparent Q&A process for issues like energy, global warming, etc. will be extremely valuable," he says.

One of the upvotes for the graphic comes from Marc Bodnick, who does community/product marketing/business operations for Quora. "I thought it was great. I'll definitely recommend it," Marc tells LAUNCH.

Although Kent reports positive feedback so far, "what I'm really hoping is that this infographic can keep getting better and better as others provide feedback."


Dialogue Earth
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Kent Cavender-Bares
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Marc Bodnick
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