How to Post from Google+ to Facebook and Twitter

If you spend much of your time on Google+ these days but don’t want to leave your Facebook friends and Twitter followers in the dark, you have two ways to connect your G+ posts to those feeds.

First option: Go to the Chrome web store and search for Start G+. Download the free plugin.

Once it’s installed and you’re logged into your Google+ profile, you’ll need to sign in to Twitter and Facebook by clicking on the icons on the right side of your black nav bar at the top.

Now when you compose a post, you’ll be able to check the Twitter and Facebook icons in the lower-left corner of the box where you make your sharing choices.

Second option: This approach is a little more complicated. Follow Agent+. Paste this link into your Chrome browser window and follow the instructions (also shown below). As noted, you will have to share your Google+ post with Agent+ to ensure that post goes to Facebook and/or Twitter.