Hottest TechStars Company Debuting Tomorrow: InboxFever

: Email-powered applications. Send an email to with basic information in the subject line to do almost anything imaginable: get directions or a list of sushi restaurants in a city, order flowers, retrieve reports, etc.

LAUNCHERS: Doruk Aytulu, CEO [ @daytulu, LinkedIn ]. Joshua Thorp, CTO [ @stigmergicLinkedIn ].

INSPIRATION: Doruk tells LAUNCH, "We realized that we could control the web email by transforming the subject line into a command line. Once we proved the concept we came up with new ideas everyday. And we realized that if we make this capability available to developers, people can benefit from endless ways to use email in a much different way. Creative use of email removes inefficiencies."

BUSINESS MODEL: Freemium for developers.

CUSTOMERS: Pilot projects running with selected companies including Yelp and Google Maps.

INVESTORS: Beyond TechStars -- not disclosing.

RAISING: Seed (amount not disclosed).


We sent an email to with "Chicago, sushi" in the subject line and within 30 seconds received this message.