Honestly, now...Where You Can Get Good Advice These Days

Honestly Now, an online decision-making engine, went live to the public today.

Honestly Now 2.0 helps advice-seekers get instant answers from friends and experts. Users post questions with at least two answer options that the Honestly Now community can then vote on. Users can also post anonymous questions.

Honestly Now launched a closed beta in January 2011, but got feedback from users requesting sharing options.

"What we did see from the beginning is really serious engagement -- people spending 30+ minutes on the site at work," Founder Tereza Nemessanyi tells LAUNCH via email. "So the rebuild makes some big improvements to the Ask module, to steer people to ask really good questions, while enabling sharing so great questions can really spread."

The redesign includes a Recap feature to let advice-seekers share with voters what they decided to do and what ultimately happened in the end.

Tereza says that the sudden death of her parents, coupled with having her first child, made her feel a void when she had a decision to make.

"I set about to create a digital experience where my friends -- and experts -- could quickly and easily give me the advice I need, anywhere and anytime, in a really fun game,"  Tereza says. "And I called it "Honestly Now", because I wanted to echo the words we use when we ask our friends for their true, honest opinion."

Honestly Now temporarily suspended its iPhone app in order to connect the 2.0 version, but will re-release soon. 

New York-based Honestly now was founded in 2011 by Tereza and Bob Petrie. Investors include Golden Seeds and Canrock Ventures.


Users can answer questions from the home page or submit their own.

In the "ask" tab, enter a question and answer options for users to vote on. Users are required to upload at least one image. Click "ask" to submit.

After clicking "ask," you will see what your final question looks like and can share with friends via Facebook and email.

The "friends" tab list shows you friends.

The "pros" tab lists your favorite experts.

User profile pages feature fans, recent advice and the option to add as the user a favorite.


Tereza Nemessanyi, Co-founder and CEO
LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/tereza
Twitter: @TerezaN   

Bob Petrie, Co-founder and COO
LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/bobpetrie
Twitter: @bobpetrie  
Google+: https://plus.google.com/111915801757275137209/posts