Help, My BlackBerry's Not Working! (Video)

In light of the BlackBerry service outage, which started Monday in Europe, spread to South America by Tuesday and hit the US and Canada today, LAUNCH editors decided to share this funny BBC video, "My Blackberry Is Not Working!," with our readers [ h/t Jeff Pester ].

"It's completely frozen," the man with a blackberry (the fruit) complains. "...Well, are you going to get my Blackberry working?"

"Well it could be an application issue," the store clerk says. "Where'd you store that blackberry?" 

The man replies, "On my desktop."

"Well you could try using a mouse to drag the Blackberry to the trash and after you've done that, you might want to launch the blackberry from the desktop."

Blackberry posted to its blog today that a core switch failure within RIM's infrastructure caused the crash. 

"We continue to work toward restoring normal service as quickly as possible," the Blackberry blog states