Hawt: iTar Transforms iPad into Guitar, MIDI Controller and Synthesizer (Video)

Musicians, hobbyist musicians and iPad enthusiasts will soon be able to play multiple instruments using an iPad in conjunction with a button-based guitar fretboard, but only if the project gets funded within the next 57 days on Kickstarter.

To date, 13 people have pledged $2,621 of the project's $50K goal. Backers who contribute $200 or more are guaranteed to get the first edition of the iTar.

Instruments and tools include a guitar, bass guitar, drum set, keyboard, synthesizer and MIDI controller. The fretboard, known as a fingerboard, features a dock to securely house the iPad. Users can virtually strum a guitar, play piano keys, bang on the drums and more.

"You will literally have a full band at your fingertips," Harvey Starr, project creator, writes on the Kickstarter page. "Imagine you start by looping your drum pattern, then you play over that with a bass-line, now bring in a little soulful trumpet and back that up with some piano."

LAUNCH has contacted project creator Harvey Starr and will update this story if we receive a response.

The iTar will come with its own native music app for strumming and using the whammy bar, a vibrato producing guitar component.

Harvey Starr, founder of Starr Labs, is an inventor, musician and electronics engineer. Since 1993, Harvey has created numerous instruments including the Ztar, a line of USB-MIDI guitar controllers. 


iTar as a guitar.

iTar as a drum set.


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