Groupon's New Offering is Pathetic -- $2 Off On a Digital Camera?

Groupon's latest venture into the product deal space, Groupon Goods, offers daily deals on products, much like Amazon's Woot, at an amazing discount of $2 less than Amazon.

Today's offer features a Fujifilm JV100 camera -- which has been discontinued -- for $68 while Amazon is charging $69.99. Big deal, right?

The other deals aren't that great either.

A Fender Strat pack -- which includes a right-handed Fender Stratocaster, a single watt Mini Deluxe Fender amp ($39.95), 12 Fender 351 picks (about $4), a Cherub WST-550G tuner ($15.95), a Fender gig bag ($29.99), a 10-ft cable (about $14) and a Black Fort Bryan Zinger strap ($7.35) -- is going for $129.

Amazon's strat pack costs $146.99 -- $18 more -- but has a considerably larger Fender SP 10 watt amp ($69) in addition to the guitar picks, strap and cable. No case though.

Groupon is offering a set of nine Whiskey Stones by Sparq for $9, which is actually a better deal compared to the $19.50 they run for on the Sparq site, or the $16 deal for eight stones on another site.

The final deal from Groupon today is a Tocky alarm clock for $40, just $2 less than Amazon's deal on Oct. 3.  

Why would Groupon offer such a non-deal to its customers? This sort of bait-and-switch tactic hurts the Groupon brand and its primary consumers, who are savvy, deal-buying folks that won't be taken.

This seems like a waste of time for Groupon and for its customers, who would rather Groupon focus on real deals.

We're perplexed.