Groupon Aims to Go Public by November; Facebook Delaying IPO to 2012

[ CEO Andrew Mason. Photo courtesy of Max Whittaker via creative commons license. ]

Groupon is reportedly back on track for its initial public offering after cancelling its IPO road show earlier this month [ see our story here ]. 

The daily deals site aims to go public in late October or early November, according to a NY Times DealBook report.  

Stock market volatility, along with the leaked internal memo from CEO Andrew Mason about the company's growth, contributed to the postponement. The leaked memo raised questions about whether the company had violated Securities and Exchange Commission rules that restrict sharing corporate information with prospective investors before an offering. 

The DealBook's source says that while Groupon is confident about moving forward, major changes in the market could delay its roadshow and stock sale once again. 

Facebook, on the other hand, plans to delay its IPO to next fall, according to a Forbes report. Financial analysts expect Facebook's IPO will be one of the world's biggest with estimated private share sales at $65B. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg told the Times that he wants his employees to remain focused on product development, not a payout.