Groovebug iPad App: Zite for Music

Groovebug, a personalized music magazine and discovery tool for iPad, scans your iTunes music library to show relevant content and lists artists in your collection on the right sidebar. 

The "Featured Content" section is hand-curated by DJs, musicians and music lovers. Users can navigate by swiping to the left or right.

Groovebug also features music festival content, including schedules, artist info and the option to buy tickets through Ticketmaster.

Groovebug is powered by The Echo Nest, a music application platform open to developers, and the app pulls artist videos from YouTube.

Similar music recommendation services include Pandora, Band of the Day [ see our story ] and Discovr. One thing we noticed: if you don't keep a lot of music on your iPad, Groovebug doesn't have much info to work with. 

"I guess it limits them from choosing artists in their library, playing music from their library or allowing us to match featured content against their library," Groovebug CEO Jeremiah Seraphine tells LAUNCH via email. "However, it is still great for discovery. You can still search or jump off from one of our featured content tiles."

Still, we'd love to see the app integrate your playlists from other music services, and Jeremeiah says that it is definitely a possibility that Groovebug will integrate with Spotify.

Groovebug was founded by Jeremiah and Neal Ehardt while participating in the NUvention Web program at Northwestern University this year. Jeremiah, a marketing graduate student, previously co-owned the electronic music record label Revolutionary Music. Neal is pursuing a master's degree in computer science and specializes in user interface design and development.

Investors include serial entrepreneur Steve Olechowski,  Excelerate Labs CEO and co-founder Troy Henikoff, and angel investor Matt Shobe.

Clicking on an artist name will open a new page that features the artist's picture and biography.

If you swipe to to the left or click the right arrow, you can preview songs directly from the app or download on iTunes.

The next page features artist videos from YouTube.

"The Latest" page features artist updates. 

The Similar Artists page boasts a visually appealing record player to scroll through other musicians. 


Twitter: @groovebug  

Jeremiah Seraphine, CEO

Neal Ehardt, CTO

Steve Olechowski, co-founder of FeedBurner
Twitter: @steveobd  

Troy Henikoff, CEO and co-founder of Excelerate Labs
Twitter: @troyhenikoff  

Matt Shobe
Twitter: @shobe