Google Wallet Hooks Up NY and SF Customers, Pays for Purchases

Google showed off how easy it is to use Google Wallet by entirely funding San Francisco and New York customers' first purchases [ h/t Brett Crosby ].

The team's first stop: The Container Store. Armed with a Sprint Nexus S 4G -- the only phone currently compatible with Wallet -- in hand, Google Wallet employees approached customers in the checkout line and paid for their purchases.

"Just pick whatever you want and it's on us," a Google Wallet employee tells one customer. 

"Oh my gosh, it's so cool!" one customer exclaimed in the video.

"Free stuff and a chance to try something innovative is a win-win situation," +Franklin C writes on Google+.

LAUNCH has contacted Google and will update this story if we get a response.

Compatible merchants include Jamba Juice, Office Max, Radio Shack, Peets Coffee & Tea and more.

Yesterday, Google announced its Q3 financial results, where the company had revenue just short of $10B.



Two customers celebrate at The Container Store.


Brett Crosby, Director of Product Marketing
Twitter: @brettc