Google+ to Developers: Ask for More API Features and You Shall Receive

Google+ is rolling out the ability for developers using the +API to search people and public posts, and easily see how people are engaging with content.

In addition to search, developers can now find out who reshared a post, who +1'd a post, and also retrieve and read comments. Google+ launched search along with a slew of other features in September [see our coverage here ].

Developers on Google+ are writing positive comments. 

"I had commented on the discussion board about the lack of comments," IBM software architect +Jason Hunt writes on Google+. "While I'm sure you were already working on it, I'm glad to see you've put it in!"

Developer +James Snell writes, "Very happy to see this...much activity streamy goodness."
The Google+ API first launched in September [ see our story here ]. To access Google+ API documentation, click here.