Google+ Supports RSS Feeds for Public Posts

If you wanted to view someone's public Google+ stream in an RSS reader, you had to add it manually through a third-party RSS service. However, Google appears to have quietly launched its own support, Plus Feed, which we discovered when we added +MG Siegler (56K followers) to our reader -- and yes, as the image indicates, we were the first to subscribe.

To see if there's a Google+ supported feed for someone, search (in Google Reader) for the person's name in the box that appears after you hit the "add a subscription" button. A supported feed will be listed as "Name - Google+" via

We're not sure how Google+ decides who's worthy of a supported feed and who's not -- but it's not just based on the number of followers. We have asked Google for comment and will update with any response.

People like Google CEO Larry Page (282K followers) and entrepreneur/author Gary Vaynerchuk (34K) do not have supported feeds, surprisingly, but you can create feeds for their public posts using another service.

All you need is the person's Google+ profile ID, that long string of numbers in the URL of their profile page.

Then it's as easy as adding that identifier to the basic Plus Feed link --  -- and dropping it into your reader.

This is the RSS link for Larry Page, for example:

Whose Google+ public posts are you following in your RSS reader? Tell us in the comments.

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