Google Search Now Indexes Facebook Comments, Good for SEO

Typically when users leave comments through third-party engines like Disqus, Facebook or Intense Debate, the website won't receive any SEO boosts. But now that Google has started indexing Facebook comments using Googlebots --  the spiders that crawl web pages -- the text left in those comment boxes will now be visible in Google search [h/t Digital Inspiration ].
That means that when you leave a comment on a website through Facebook, anyone can easily search for your comments via Google. Other commenting engines written in JavaScript include Disqus and Intense Debate.

"What you're seeing is a result of Google increasingly being able to crawl JavaScript and AJAX content," a Google spokesperson tells LAUNCH via email. "We have steadily been increasing our ability to index richer content such as JavaScript/AJAX. If users can see something in their browser, our goal is to be able to index that content irrespective of its language or format."

According to one user, Google search is also indexing comments left in Disqus. "I did a test and looks like they are able to index also the comments left on a website using Disqus!" Gigi Picazio writes in the comments.


Kerry Rupp's comment on LAUNCH blog.

You can search for comments by last name and with quotes surrounding the text.